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Environmental Responsibility and Stewardship

Dakota Oil Processing was founded by North Dakotans for the benefit of North Dakota and its residents.  We recognize that the Company's facility will be operating in an environment that has undergone significant change over the last ten years and that there is a sensitivity to the impact that companies in the oil & gas industry can have on the region.  With key members of our team living and working in the community, we are highly sensitive to these concerns and we have as a key tenet of our mission to ensure that the Company puts the environment and the impact to the community at the forefront of our policies and procedures.

Key areas of focus with respect to the environment and community are:

Air Emissions - The Trenton Refinery will utilize advanced and industry-leading air emissions control and environmental management systems to ensure that the facility meets or exceeds all air quality control requirements.  The Company is committed to implementing programs that will mitigate the impact of the facility on the surrounding community and is being designed as one of the cleanest refining facilities ever constructed in the United States.  The facility will be considered a Minor Source emitter and will require a Permit to Construct ("PTC") from the North Dakota Health Department.  The Company previously received a PTC, however, DOP will submit a revised PTC to accommodate the increased volumes and updated design of the facility.

Water and Waste - Responsibly managing freshwater use, waste and wastewater is a key focus of the Company and of the project.  Recycling operations are embedded in the facility design to maximize the use and reclamation of water and materials.  The Company is also implementing a leading technology in wastewater reclamation and treatment that significantly surpasses regulatory standards on water quality for all wastewater.

Spill Prevention, Safety, and Emergency Preparedness – Protecting the community in which we live and will operate is of the utmost importance to the Company and its project and operating teams.  During construction as well as during operation, our operational procedures, plant design, and on-going training are all designed to stop spills or other emergencies before they happen and to contain and control if the unexpected occurs so there is no impact to the environment or the community.