Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some answers to some of our most commonly asked questions:

How many barrels of crude oil will the Trenton Refinery process?

The current design if for the facility to process approximately 28,000 barrels of Bakken light sweet crude oil per day.  By sizing the facility to this process volume, this ensures that the facility will have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment (design is clean and efficient such that will it will not require a federal EPA permit) and will minimize the impact on the local roads and infrastructure.  Almost two-thirds of the refined products will be shipped out by rail, and only 1/3 of the output (Diesel fuel) will be transported from the facility by truck.  In addition, most of the crude oil feedstock for the facility will be delivered to the plant by pipeline.

How long will it take to build the facility?

The Trenton Refinery will utilize modular construction to minimize construction time and disruption to the local community during construction.  Most of the facility will be fabricated off-site and then delivered to the site for placement on a purpose-built foundation.  Tankage, pipelines, control and office facilities will be constructed on site in parallel with the fabrication of the plant.  Total time to construct the facility is expected to be 18-21 months until fully operational.

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