The Company

Dakota Oil Processing, LLC

Dakota Oil Processing, LLC is a privately held, development-stage company formed by North Dakotans for the purpose of developing, constructing, owning and operating a crude oil hydroskimming refinery near Trenton, North Dakota.  The Company's mission is to provide jobs and the economic benefits for residents of Williams County and the state that such a significant project as the Trenton Refinery can bring.

The Company's highly efficient and environment friendly facility is being designed to process and refine light sweet crude into No. 1 and No. 2 Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and secondary products for the local and regional markets. The secondary products produced will be naphtha and residual fuel oil. The refinery will have the capability to produce blended drilling distillates as well, which will be used in oil field applications.

The Company is partnered with some of the industry's leading refinery engineers, fabricators, logistics and operations professionals and will bring numerous permanent jobs to the Williams County, North Dakota area.

The Company was founded by longtime resident and well-known oil & gas pioneer in North Dakota Mr. Mel Falcon.  The Company is continuing the project in honor of Mr. Falcon's legacy.

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Primary Products

Diesel Fuel

North Dakota remains a net importer of diesel fuel from refineries located in other states throughout the country.  With such an abundance of crude oil as a state resource, North Dakota should be able to provide its own refined products for agriculture, on-road and for the oil & gas industry. Dakota Oil's mission is to be able to provide North Dakota the independence from reliance on out of state refineries for its refined products.

The Trenton Refinery will produce Light Gas Oil (LGO), which is primarily diesel and kerosene.  The Trenton Refinery will produce on average approximately 8,000 barrels of diesel fuel per day before blending with other distillates which will significantly increase the diesel fuel yield. Kerosene is the lighter of the two fuels and is essentially premium #1 Diesel and is in short supply in the Williston Basin where its properties make it ideal for cold-weather use.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel is required for on and off-road uses in North Dakota (and all other U.S. states except Alaska).  The Trenton Refinery is designed to produce ULSD exclusively except for the AGO industrial diesel which may be marketed for use as drilling distillate.

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Secondary Products

Naphtha is a byproduct of petroleum distillation.  Produced naphtha will be sold in the Canadian market as diluent for tar sands oil transportation or to other refineries as reformer feedstock.

The kerosene product stream will be refined to #1 diesel fuel or blended with the diesel fuels to maximize the refinery’s diesel output.

Industrial Diesel
Atmospheric gas oil (AGO) is the equivalent of industrial fuel oil grade #4 Diesel.  It is expected to be sold as catalytic cracking feedstock to Midwest or Gulf Coast refineries.

Heavy Fuel Oil
The residual distillation product, or atmospheric tower bottoms (ATB’s), is also known as Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) or Residual Fuel Oil (RFO), and is classified as #6 Diesel.   The ATB's will be targeted for sale as feedstock for coker units or fluid catalytic converter (FCC) units, which take this heavy product and produce diesel, coke (in the case of the coker unit) and other distillation products.

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Our Vision

Our late founder, Mel Falcon, a North Dakota native and industry visionary, had a dream to build a local refinery in Williams County, North Dakota to provide local jobs and locally sourced and much needed refined products from the abundant source of crude oil being produced in the state.  Mel socialized the concept with the state and industry and it was clear that more refining capacity was needed and would provide the required infrastructure for a growing regional industry.

Our team is dedicated to seeing Mel’s vision come to reality and has established a team of professionals and partners that are ready to see the project through to completion.


Join Us

The Trenton Refinery Project is well underway and has received numerous zoning, county and other approvals to proceed.  We are always seeking qualified individuals to join our team or investors that would like to be a part of this exciting opportunity.  Please feel free to contact us at any time, we look forward to hearing from you!