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Project Details
The Trenton Refinery is planned to be constructed near North Dakota State highway 1804 approximately 16 miles southwest of Williston, North Dakota at a location known as Marley Crossing. This area has been identified as a future industrial area which has already seen the development of a major crude-oil transload unit-train facility developed by Savage Services which began operation in 2012. Savage has also expanded their facility with 5 additional stub-ended tracks two of which have been identified to transload products including Diesel and Naphtha from the Trenton Diesel Refinery.

The site is also being configured for not only the Phase 1 terminal and first refinery battery, but also site planning for a potential expansion. The site will consist of several areas with distinct features:
  • The battery limits, inside of which will be the primary refinery units, including the atmospheric tower, the hydrotreater, naphtha stabilizer and the associated heaters, desalters and other plant equipment which together comprise the area identified in refineries as “Inside the Battery Limits”;
  • The loading racks for outloading diesel and potentially other products such as drilling distillate, and unloading crude from truck tankers;
  • The tank farm currently comprising some 32 tanks with storage for up to 667,500 barrels of liquids;
  • The administration, maintenance and control buildings; and,
  • The water treatment and wastewater facilities at which the gas flare will also be located.
Rail loading is expected to be accomplished at the adjacent Savage Services Rail Terminal facility, will be connected by pipelines to the Trenton Refinery.

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Conceptual Site Layout

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